Seven Tigers named to all-district team

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Donaldsonville Chief
Wide receiver Stephen Sullivan was the Tigers' lone first-team all-district selection on offense. Photo by Chuck Montero.

The Donaldsonville Tigers had their share of struggles in 2015--ending the year at just 3-7 and missing out on the playoffs for the first time in three seasons.

But despite their troubles adapting to the brutal new District 6-3A, multiple Tigers were able to earn their way on the all-district team. Altogether, seven Donaldsonville players made the cut.

First-Team Offense

Quarterback Reggie Hayes (Parkview), running back Kayin White (Parkview), running back Ken Broussard (Port Allen), running back Ronald Sims (West Feliciana), running back Mike Hollins (University), tight end Delontae Miller (Baker), wide receiver Stephen Sullivan (Donaldsonville), wide receiver BJ McClay (Port Allen), lineman Trenton Harrington (Parkview), lineman Noah Pace (West Feliciana), lineman Anthony Dupree (Port Allen), lineman Akkai Ward (Brusly), athlete Jarious Robertson (Port Allen), athlete Derek Turner (West Feliciana), kicker Dillon Hoglen (Parkview)

First-Team Defense

Lineman Tyarise Stevenson (Donaldsonville), lineman B.J. Gaines (Parkview), lineman Sam Wharton (University), lineman Jarid Sturgeon (West Feliciana), linebacker Dylan Moses (University), linebacker Hunter Smith (West Feliciana), linebacker Matthew Murla (Parkview), linebacker Delontae Miller (Baker), defensive back Malik Antoine (University), defensive back Trent Kavanaugh (Parkview), defensive back Dylan Claiborne (Brusly), defensive back Trayshawn Cummings (West Feliciana), athlete Laryon James (University), punter Brady Richardson (Brusly)

Second-Team Offense

Quarterback Jarious Robertson (Port Allen), running back Stadford Anderson (Glen Oaks), running back Nelson Smith (Parkview), running back Titus Nelson (University), running back Nicholas Morgan (Baker), lineman Sam Wharton (University), lineman Tyler Boone (Parkview), lineman Brent Williams (West Feliciana), lineman Jackie Jackson (Baker), lineman Devon Wright (Donaldsonville), tight end Chris Raymond (University), tight end Ricky Chatman (West Feliciana), wide receiver Sean Garner (Port Allen), wide receiver Darren Evans (Glen Oaks), wide receiver Christian Harris (University), wide receiver Jaylin Williams (Donaldsonville), punter Grant Bonnette (University), kicker Aidan Gale (University), returner Aaron Julien (Donaldsonville), returner Trent Kavanaugh (Parkview)

Second-Team Defense

Lineman Devon Claiborne (Glen Oaks), lineman Tim Frazier (Port Allen), lineman Josh Becnel (University), lineman Jason McCray (West Feliciana), linebacker Depore Rosemond (Donaldsonville), linebacker Tahj Brown (Donaldsonville), linebacker Laryon James (University), linebacker Clyde Robertson (Port Allen), defensive back Caleb Meaux (Parkview), defensive back Brennan Boudreaux (University), defensive back Kevin Ranson (Port Allen), defensive back Daren Evans (Glen Oaks), defensive back Darius Davis (West Feliciana)

Offensive MVP - Reggie Hayes, Jr (Parkview)

Defensive MVP - Dylan Moses (University)

Coach of the Year - Chad Mahaffey (University)