Council renews parish recreation agreement; express need for improvement


The Donaldsonville city council voted unanimously on Sept. 23 to renew a cooperative endeavor agreement with Ascension Parish government to continue operating local recreation.

District 4 councilman Charles Brown, Sr. didn’t mind renewing the contract but he wanted the record to show he wasn’t satisfied with the recreation opportunities.

“We’re still waiting for improvement with recreation,” Brown said. “I know I am.”

“The baseball program has gone backwards, the basketball program is just running, and we call it recreation,” Brown said.

The city pays the parish $46,000 annually to operate recreation programs in the city. Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Sr. said $23,000 is paid at the time of the agreement signing and the remainder is paid before the end of the calendar year. The mayor also added that with the new agreement, the council would also receive quarterly reports on the state of the recreation services.

Brown, who has been outspoken on recreation issues in the past, said the city is still waiting on promised improvements to local recreation programs.

“The parish is trying to get a tax passed and they say it’ll bring more recreation to the community as a whole, but I don’t what it will bring,” Brown said. “I know the parish is doing their part, but the recreation is at a standstill and going backwards.”

Councilman Emile Spano said he followed the baseball program this past summer and that schools were out for about three weeks and the program was over.

“The biggest part is when all the kids are taking their final tests and they were playing twice a week,” Spano said. “I thought this was a summer program.”

“I know they have the all-stars and everything, but with this short of season then maybe a smaller amount of money should be paid,” Spano said.

Brown said every year we are hearing so much tragedy and the council has to find something that will keep them going.

“The kids really need that time to build character and they really don’t get an opportunity to do that,” Brown said.