Donaldsonville basketball teams receive certificates

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa presented certificates to team members of the Donaldsonville 10-year-old boy’s and girl’s teams at an April 7 parish council meeting. Both teams won the Biddy National Basketball Tournament in March, in Slidell.

Boys: From left to right: front row - Ja’Kai Allen, Travis Johnson, Za’Quan Acklin, Jacorey Mitchell and Rashade Schonberg. Second row - Parish President Kenny Matassa, Raiyen Oatis, Jaren Wiggins and Robert Kent. Third row - Coach Steven Green, Coach Pedro Porter, Coach Darrell Honore, Councilman Oliver Joseph and Councilman Bill Dawson. Not pictured - Michael Gomez and Kobe Green.

Girls: From left to right: front row - Cambreon Links, Michelle Daigle, Tre’Myai Brown, Tia Joseph, Kaitlyn Joseph and Mackaya Jackson. Second row - Parish President Kenny Matassa, Ron’Jynea Adams, Kaitlyn Brooks, Layla Ester, Janae Southall, Jayla Walker and Coach Terry Joseph. Third row - Coach Travis Joseph, Councilman Bill Dawson and Councilman Oliver Joseph.