A survey has found that British people are getting drunk almost once a week — more often than any anyone else.

The 2019 Global Drug Survey found that British people get drunk 51 times per year. Americans came at a very close second, overindulging 50 times per year. 

Researchers surveyed 123,814 people from more than 30 countries to create the report. Out of those surveyed, they found that people get drunk 33 times per year on average. 

Chileans reported getting drunk the least times out of the year at only 16 instances. 

But many are trying to cut back, according to the survey — 38% said they wanted to drink less in the next year.

Adam Winstock, an addiction psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey, told CNN that everyone should consider drinking less to avoid severe health consequences. 

"Deaths due to alcoholic liver disease and cancer due to excessive alcohol consumption are on the rise, along with obesity and poorer mental health," Winstock said. "Drinking too much makes all these worse; drinking less make them better.

You can view the whole survey at globaldrugsurvey.com. 

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